Here’s my end-of-year round-up of the dozen “Single at Heart” posts that were read more often than any others in 2017. Many of them were not published in 2017. In fact, the #3 most popular post, about Anita Hill, was published my first year blogging here at Psych Central, 2011.


Aging on your own: 5 things you may not know


Love the music but not the lyrics? Guest post by Kristin Noreen (Kristin now has her own blog here at Psych Central, Our Hidden DisAbilities)


Two of the profound rewards of staying single


Every time you hear that getting married will make you happier, read this


How can you tell which happy couples will end up divorced?


Record number of Americans are single, and most unmarried Americans never have been married


21 ways single people are taxed more than married people on tax day and every other day


How living alone will transform men


Record number of Americans will stay single for life


Single, Anita Hill style: Long-term partner and separate homes


Leaving home in 15 countries: How old are grown children when they leave and how far do they go?


What are the personality characteristics of people who like to be alone? (The popularity of this post inspired me to put together a collection of my blog posts and other writings in Alone: The badass psychology of people who like being alone.)

Thanks to everyone who has checked in to read about single people this year, and happy holidays!