fishingIf you’ve ever heard the name Faith Popcorn, you have probably remembered it. Maybe you also remember that she is a marketing expert who predicts future trends. She has a prediction about the Next Big Thing. It is “the rise of the solo citizen,” or what she calls Single-Arity.

Her brief document of the same name proclaims:

“Singles will disrupt every facet of our culture.”

“Single-Arity is the Next Big Thing (NBT) locally and globally. Marketing, religion, technology, education, transportation, government will all need to change or face extinction. The rise of the solo citizen will redefine the human experience.”

There are 5 key components to Faith Popcorn’s prediction about the rise of the solo citizen:

  1. The New Standard. “Singledom is creating the new aspiration. New single role models will emerge to set the social standard. In the future, even the President will be single.”
  2. The New Trend. “Single is the new black. Single culture will define the mainstream trends of tomorrow.”
  3. The New Family. “Children of single parents will be better prepared for the future.”
  4. The New Single Women. “Single women will become the new bachelors, avoiding long term committed relationships.”
  5. The New Lifespan. “‘Till death do you part’ is unrealistic in a world where people live past 100.”

There’s a lot more to the predictions. You can find the entire Single-Arity report at the Faith Popcorn website.

Considering the usual drumbeat of single-parent-bashing, I particularly like the notion that the children of single parents may actually be better prepared for the future. As for those committed relationships, I like to think about “relationships” in the bigger, broader sense of the word, the sense that transcends just romantic relationships. I think that single women have real, lasting, long-term commitments to many of the important people in their lives.

What do you think? Want to add any predictions of your own?

Woman fishing image available from Shutterstock.