balloonThe website YourTango just published my article, “The 7 Secrets of Blissfully Single People.” Before you click the link and read it (if you are interested), think about your own list of such secrets. How do some single people succeed at living full, happy, and meaningful lives despite all the insistent matrimania and singlism tell them that doing so is impossible? Which secrets and habits did I miss? Are there any that don’t belong on my list?

When I write my blog posts, I always try to include links to the relevant research and writings. I included those in the piece I submitted to YourTango, but in the text of their articles they only publish links back to their own site. So I’m listing the links here:

  • Click the link at the end of this sentence for a discussion of the study of more than 100 Americans who were over 40 and had been single all their lives.
  • Here’s the link to my writings about people are single-at-heart.
  • Here’s the link to the discussion of the article about the 18 long-term studies that have shown that getting married does not make people lastingly happier or more satisfied with their lives than they were before.
  • Here’s the link to the study of American marriages that found that people who had been married more than three years were not any happier, they were not any less depressed, they were not healthier, and they had no higher self-esteem than when they were single.
  • This additional fact, the sentence after the one above, was deleted from the version of my article published at YourTango: “In fact, in one important way, people who got married were doing worse than they were when they were single – they had less contact with their friends and parents.”
  • The source of the discussion of the research on stereotypes of single people is Singled Out.
  • As for single life getting even better with age: “…many single people become more secure about their lives over time, and they are less buffeted about by the opinions of other people.”

I hope you enjoy thinking about the many things that single people do successfully. If you have suggestions as to what would make your life even better as a single person, please share them here.

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