stopAt The Dish, Andrew Sullivan invites smart, thoughtful people to respond to questions submitted by his readers. Most recently, the guest fielding those questions has been Kate Bolick. She wrote that buzzy Atlantic article, “All the single ladies,” that has racked up 52,000 Likes on Facebook and generated untold numbers of discussions and critiques. Yours truly had a few things to say about it in “Revenge of the single ladies!”, “8 best things about All the Single Ladies,” and this post, too.

So far, there are three clips, all very brief, of Bolick responding to questions. It is possible that there will be others posted in the coming days.

In this clip, Bolick responds to a reader who wants to know what she thinks of the idea that staying single is some sort of personal failure. I think this is my favorite of the three.

Also worth watching is this clip, in which Bolick answers the question of what single people do when they get sick or get older and need help. As you may have surmised from the fact that I am posting these links, Kate Bolick does not give an “oh, poor me, I’m single!” sort of response. Predictably, readers who want single people to feel sorry for themselves did not like this answer.

Also predictably, one of the readers asked Bolick about her dating life, and another wanted to know what she envied about her married friends and relatives. I probably would have said something snide, but she didn’t.

There is another video I wanted to mention, too, though I haven’t seen it yet. It is the creation of two actresses who got in touch with me last year about the beginnings of their efforts to produce a web comedy about single women that would be more Thelma and Louise than The Bachelorette. (If it were the latter, I never would have mentioned it anywhere, except maybe to mock it.) I wrote about their project in “Spinster superheroes?

Starting On Wednesday August 21, 2013, the first of their three episodes will be available on YouTube. Since I have not yet seen the videos, I asked for the promotion materials and received the following:

22 years after Thelma & Louise tore across the silver screen in their blue Thunderbird comes Dellany Towne Peace & Heather Olt – two real life SPINSTERS who have taken the baton from Callie Khouri and hurled it skyward, like the Apes in 2001, to break through the glass ceiling that still seals off much of the XX universe.

“Their sparkling new pilot Heather, Thelma, Louise & Dellany plays out on the small screens of mobile phones & laptops & iPads – but the laughs and aspirations are often movie-sized big; jacking into the zeitgeist of the woman’s-power-movement and straddling the line of what is real, Peace & Olt change their last names to Butler & Monaghan, respectively, and they’re off running – daring you to keep up.

“The story, which is a three-parter, combines dreams, real-life experiences, girl power, space time continuums, and big laughs to create an addicting video-game style drama that pits the 2 Spinsters against an often times still-too-rigid society & culture whose cult of personality continues to emanate from the male side of the divide.

“Friendship is tested, Tarantino bad-boy Michael Madsen and Thor/X-Men screenwriter Zack Stentz show up, the patriarchal system of America is challenged, guns, flying cars, train tracks, churches and leggings make appearances… but, always at the center, the idea of what it means to be single in the 21st century.

“The groundbreaking webseries (which is called 2 Hopeful Spinsters, is slated to drop this Wednesday, August 21st on YouTube at 7:30pm PST.”

Reluctant bride image available from Shutterstock.