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Archives for December, 2012


To the Single-at-Heart

If living single is your first choice, if it is how you live your most authentic and meaningful life, you are probably single at heart. People who are single-at-heart are not single because they have not found The One, because they are unlucky in love, or because they have issues. They are single because single suits them. It is who they really are.

You may be single-at-heart even if you are in...
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Why Do So Many Americans Like Big Box Stores and Chain Restaurants?

I’m interested in the many creative ways people are choosing to live now that we have more opportunities than we ever have had before to choose our places, our spaces, and our people. There are charming pocket neighborhoods, creative cohousing communities, and many more innovative ways to live that are relatively new to the American landscape.

Still, though, there is tons of uniformity – miles and miles of...
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Love & Affection

Is Marriage at 40 a Lateral Move?

If I had started writing a “single at heart” column in the 1950s, I would have had almost no natural audience. Hardly anyone stayed single through their 30s, much less for life, and there was little discussion of the joys of singlehood.

All that has steadily changed, decade by decade, and now year by year. The age at which people first marry – among those who do marry – continues to...
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Career Success: Is It Really True that…

There are all sorts of beliefs floating around about what contributes to your success in a career. Some of these urban legends are about characteristics that are not exactly relevant to your ability to do your job. Is it true that they really do matter?

In U. S. News & World Report, Jada Graves investigated three examples of the conventional wisdom around lifestyles and career advantages. Two are sort of interesting,...
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