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Archives for February, 2012


10 Supposedly Quirky Behaviors of People Who Live Alone

Now that so many Americans are living alone and the topic is all over the media, you just had to know that trend stories on the quirks of those solo dwellers were about to appear. The New York Times published one of them today, “One is the quirkiest number.”

Reporter Steven Kurutz interviewed several people who live alone and describes examples of what he considers their quirkiness. Check...
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21st Century Experiments in Living

There are so many ways to live and love. The sentimentalized image of Mom, Dad and the kids gathered around the hearth has had its day. A new American experiment has begun. We’re not all going nuclear anymore.

Among the innovators are people of all ages who are single at heart. They are not single because they have issues or because they have not yet found a partner. They are not looking. Single...
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Single Life is Contested Turf

Have you heard the expression, “May you live in interesting times”? Well, we sure do, especially when it comes to the experience of living single and the many different takes on what it means to stay single instead of marrying.

The recent Washington Post Magazine cover story that I talked about in my last post is just one of many feature stories on single life getting tons of attention.

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Are Singles Discriminated Against? Let Me Count the Ways

If you are single, do you think that you are a target of discrimination? Regardless of whether you are single or coupled or something else, do you think that single people are discriminated against?

I have been documenting singlism – the stereotyping of singles and discrimination against them – for years. I’ve published studies of singlism in social science journals, showing, for example, evidence of housing discrimination. I reviewed various categories of...
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Love & Affection

5 Signs that this Valentine’s Day Will Be Different from All the Rest

Valentine’s Day can be such a cliché. Flowers, chocolates, and love-struck couples, year after year. Not that I have anything against flowers or chocolates, and love-struck couples can be unwittingly entertaining.

The holiday, though, is just so narrow-minded and unimaginative in the kinds of love it deems worthy of celebrating. Just the sex-based couple. If you are single, you are invisible at best or pitied at worst.

Not this year.

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Living Alone: 12 Things You Didn’t Know

Think you know what it means to live alone? Even if you are have your own personal experiences living solo, and know lots of other people who do, too, chances are that you have been misled by the media and other myth-makers about what solo life is really like.

The most significant, intensive, and far-reaching study of solo living is described in Eric Klinenberg’s book, Going Solo:...
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