myths about single people

The Last Time Someone Said Something Inappropriate, Did You Let It Go?

I’m mad at myself. I’ve been writing about singlism for years. I encourage single people to stand up for themselves when other people practice singlism -- by stereotyping them, stigmatizing them, marginalizing them, discriminating against them, or invading their privacy by asking the kinds of questions they would never pose to people who are married. And yet, I sometimes let singlist remarks slide.

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Asked Why You Are Single? Turn the Tables

If you are single, and especially if you are single beyond the age at which some other person thinks you should be married, you have probably been challenged about it. “Why are you still single?” they ask. It is not an innocent question. It seems to suggest that everyone wants to become unsingle, and if you are not there yet, you have some explaining to do. Too often, the real subtext seems to be, “What’s wrong with you?”