Where to Find Me Going Forward

A few weeks ago, when I learned that Psych Central was sold to Healthline, I published my thank-you note to my readers and to all the people who made Psych Central such a great site. Now that it is clear that Healthline is putting an end to all of the blogs, I wanted to let you know where you can find me and my writings going forward.

Love & Affection

Why Are People Mad at You If You Say You Are Happily Single?

[Bella’s intro: When I first started studying single people, there was something I found perplexing. It seemed to me that single people who were happily single and said so were viewed more harshly than those who were miserably single and looking to become unsingle. I only had anecdotes at first, but now there are several studies showing just that. In fact, that research shows that people are sometimes actually angry at single people who say that they want to be single.

Love & Affection

Single People, Beware of Grudging Praise

“Well, at least it is better than being in a bad relationship.” If you are single, maybe you’ve heard that one from friends or family members who are coupled. Sometimes that offering is well-intended, but it is also grudging. People who say things like that make single life seem like the sad, pitiful choice you would make only if your only alternative was a lousy romantic relationship or marriage.