Does Marriage Protect People from Suicide? A Study of a Half-Million Americans Says No

In an article about the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, and the growing rates of suicide more generally, the New York Times suggested that “a decline in marriage rates has likely played a role.” They mentioned findings that supposedly showed that, without linking to any specific studies.

There are relevant studies. I wrote about one a few years ago, that was based on data from nearly a half-million Americans. I’m going to republish that below. The preview is this: For women, marital...

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15 Quotes for Solitude Lovers from the New Book, “Alone Time”

New York Times travel writer Stephanie Rosenbloom just published a fabulous new book, Alone Time: Four Seasons, Four Cities, and the Pleasures of Solitude. My guess is that anyone who loves traveling alone, dining alone, or spending time alone is going to love this book. I also think people who are tempted to try going solo but haven’t quite managed it will find the inspiration they need in this book.

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Famous Single Women: Guest Post by Maureen Paraventi

[Bella’s intro:  I always have a stack of books waiting for my attention. Before I add a book to my pile, I flip through it. When I did that with Maureen Paraventi’s new book, The New Old Maid: Satisfied Single Women, I noticed something great. At the end of the book was a section, “Famous Old Maids,” of biographies – usually about a page each – of famous single women. Even though I have not read the book yet, I knew immediately that...

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