How Obamacare Improved the Lives of Single People

Those of us who are single are stuck putting up with the stereotyping and stigmatizing that I call singlism. Tell someone you are single and from knowing just that one thing about you, many people will immediately assume that you are miserable, lonely, self-centered, and immature. They would be wrong about that, as research shows. Stereotyping is hardly the worst component of singlism. People who are single are also disadvantaged in important systematic ways – for example, in their access to health insurance.

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Don’t I Wish I Had the Built-In Companionship of Marriage? New Series on Questions I’ve Been Asked

In my role as someone who studies single life and practices it, too, I get asked all sorts of fascinating questions. Some of them are professional (for example, about what research has shown), others are personal. Recently, I was interviewed for the November/December 2018 issue of the magazine, Psychotherapy Networker. That gave me the idea to share with you (with their permission) longer versions of the answers I gave the therapists.


What Singlism Means to Me and How We Should Fight It: Guest Post by Kevin Markey

[Bella’s intro: For years, Kevin Markey has been doing his part to raise awareness about singlism and try to create change. He does some of the things you might expect, such as writing to people in power, and a few that you might not. My favorite among the latter is his t-shirt campaign. He creates t-shirts with consciousness-raising messages about single people and wears them. Whenever anyone sees Kevin in one of his t-shirts, they see an affirming message about single people. Kevin is also an administrator for the Community of Single People (CoSP), for which I am very grateful. When Kevin posted about one of his latest efforts, people in CoSP started suggesting that he write about his experiences. That was a great idea and I’m happy that Kevin agreed to do so. I’m also happy I got to meet Kevin in September when I was in London to give a few talks about singlism and single life.]

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129 Ways to Get a Husband, According to a 1958 Magazine Article

As long-time readers of this blog know, dating and any other kinds of attempts to become unsingle are the only topics off-limits here. I’m all about living single life, not escaping it. I’m making an exception this time, though. In part, it is because what I have to share is so hilarious (and horrifying), I wanted you to see it. I think it is also revelatory, in ways I will discuss in a future post. (Here it is.)