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129 Ways to Get a Husband, According to a 1958 Magazine Article

As long-time readers of this blog know, dating and any other kinds of attempts to become unsingle are the only topics off-limits here. I’m all about living single life, not escaping it. I’m making an exception this time, though. In part, it is because what I have to share is so hilarious (and horrifying), I wanted you to see it. I think it is also revelatory, in ways I will discuss in a future post.

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Finding Awe in Solo Hiking: Guest Post by Tricia M. Parker

[Bella’s intro: Single-at-Heart readers, I’m happy to let you know that one of our favorite guest bloggers, Tricia Parker, is back. Most recently, she wisely noted that “You are enough.” This time, she is back to tell us about her impressive challenge to herself – to take 52 awe-inspiring hikes in 52 weeks, all on her own. As a fellow lover of nature and the great outdoors, I totally agree with Tricia about the psychological and physical benefits, and just plain joy, of hiking, or just wandering, a spectacularly beautiful stretch of nature. In fact, if you ever have holiday time to yourself, doing something like this may be a very special way to take advantage of it.]

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Single Parents Facing their Fears and Courting Courage: Guest Post by Psychotherapist Amy Carpenter

[Bella’s intro. In this guest post, Amy Carpenter offers two things I value highly: an affirming view of single parents and the perspective of a psychotherapist who recognizes people’s strengths, even when they are not so sure about them themselves. Amy was kind enough to offer me a sneak peak at the book on solo parenting that she is working on. I love it and once it is published, I’ll tell you more about it. For now, here’s Amy Carpenter’s take on dancing with fear and courting bravery. Her focus is on solo parents, but as she notes, the implications are relevant to everyone, regardless of their marital or parental status. Thank-you, Amy!]