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Public-Spectacle Marriage Proposals Are Selfish

At the 2018 Emmy Awards show, the award for best director for a variety special went to Glenn Weiss. Instead of just accepting the honor, he used the occasion to propose from the stage to his girlfriend, Jan Svendsen. The camera pointed to her as she enacted the predictable big display of emotion, complete with the covering of her face with her hands. Then she went up to the stage, as Weiss got down on a knee and proposed. She accepted.


Rejected Again? Try Failing Up

Do people know how others view them? It is an interesting and important question, and years ago, Professor Dave Kenny and I reviewed all the studies we could find on the topic. Dave was a professor at Harvard when I was a graduate student there, and years later, we were still collaborating.

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Are These the 6 Pillars of a Satisfying Single Life?

If you are a single person, do you think there are pillars of support you need in order to lead a satisfying life? For her book, The New Single Woman, sociologist E. Kay Trimberger (who has written guest posts for this blog) interviewed long-term single women, 35 and older, in depth. Her initial interview with each woman was followed up with another one, seven to nine years later.

Love & Affection

You Are Enough: Guest Post by Tricia M. Parker, LMHC

[Bella’s intro: If you are a single person and you are thinking about going into therapy, what might you expect? One of my worries is that some therapists don’t understand that single life can be a good, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Fortunately, other therapists are more enlightened, and Tricia M. Parker is one of them. Readers of this “Single at Heart” blog have enjoyed her previous guest posts: Loneliness: Change your story about them, about you; Debunking parenting myths; and 5 keys to effective and joyful independent parenting. I think you will enjoy this one, too. Thank-you, Tricia Parker, for sharing your insights with us.]

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