Leaving a Legacy: Look at What Single People Are Doing

In their day-to-day lives, single people are far more generous and caring than they are given credit for – even when they talk about themselves. I discussed the double standard in calling people selfish in a previous post. Here, I want to tell you about the kinds of giving single people do that outlives them. Usually, when charitable organizations, universities, and nonprofit organizations think about people who will leave a legacy with their gifts, they think about married couples and parents. But single...

How we live now

3 Years in a Singles Community That Has Nothing to Do with Dating

Three years ago, in July of 2015, I started an online Facebook community, the Community of Single People, where we could discuss all aspects of single life except for dating or other attempts to escape single life. Many of us are “single at heart” – we live our best, most fulfilling lives by living single. Others, though, are more ambivalent about their single lives. Still others are coupled and stop by to hear, first-hand, what single people have to say about their lives....


Does Marriage Protect People from Suicide? A Study of a Half-Million Americans Says No

In an article about the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, and the growing rates of suicide more generally, the New York Times suggested that “a decline in marriage rates has likely played a role.” They mentioned findings that supposedly showed that, without linking to any specific studies.

There are relevant studies. I wrote about one a few years ago, that was based on data from nearly a half-million Americans. I’m going to republish that below. The preview is this: For women, marital...

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