You Got Your Kids into College – 6 Ways to Keep them There

As if the college process wasn't hard enough, now your college-kid is going through depression, anxiety, test anxiety, choosing a major and endless triggers that keeps him or her from succeeding.  Here's the low-down.
I have kids coming into my office every summer who are freaking out.  Freaking out means disstressed, uptight, undone, confused, panicked and withdrawn.  Whether drugs and alcohol...


Flipping the Script – 4 Ways to Avoid Teen Conflict

I have noticed that during family sessions with teens parents are doing something awful.  I call it "Flipping the Script" but I didn't make that up, I'm sure.  You see them acting calm for a bit.  Then their teenager inevitably starts jousting, poking and pushing and they just snap.  "You want space," one Mother starting screaming at her 17 yo son, "I'll give you space!"  And she proceeded to...


How I Saved a Life – The Story of Jane

Two weeks ago a 12 year old named Jane came in to say how depressed she was.  Most 12 year old girls will articulate the following story 99 percent of the time:

I think I might be gay/depressed/anxious/worried/scared or said the wrong thing on a group chat.  I'm afraid my parents will kill me.  I can't sleep.  I am on my phone all the time.  I'm bored.  I feel a conflict with one/both...


Is it Me? Why June is the Harshest Month

Amid the blowing of tall grass, warm winds of change are afoot.  June compels graduation speeches that are cheesy at best.  It provokes a pre-season dip in the pool.  It conjures campfires and song.  And apprehension of renewal, restoration and respite.  The heat is on and you are melting in doctors appointments, school typos, prom-posals, money leaking out sideways on flowers and blooms that will soon fade...


GoT and the Busiest Time of the Year

After the devastation of Game of Thrones and its critics' aftermath, what sane adult has the bandwith for end of-year stuff?

I feel like my head is popping off: teens in crisis are marching in like so many White Walkers and I feel bereft of things to say to them.  Even my own kids: prom dress - check; prom forms - check; college random forms - they keep coming;...


Life Itself – The 5 Fears for Moms of Teens

In my local town people feel a bit chaotic these days. As Roger Cohen writes in the NYTIMES today people are turning inward because the outward is too much. With Mom's day, graduations, college, drugs, guns and throwback draconian principles taking effect over our bodies, and racism and anti-semitism unleashed by the Mad King, it's hard to know if we are in Westeros or New York. My friends, some of them experts in their fields,...


What If’s and 4 Tips to Tame Them

What if Al Gore was elected President in 2000. That's a big one for me. Would there be healthcare for all or student loan forgiveness? Would we be marching toward the extinction of animals? Would women finally have maternity leave? I think about my children. Would they have had to witness fewer school shootings? Could they count on free and fair elections and a balanced Supreme Court?  Would they have hopes and dreams that weren't dashed...


How to Climb Mt Everest – A Teenage Quest

I just returned from a college tour with my almost 18 year old. Separating and getting to school on time is her only task right now. Any amount of my saying, “Um, you’re driving too fast around the turns” was definitely unwelcome advice. Add to that, she was on her phone from morning ‘til night, including while we were in the hotel pool! As we transition to evening I rest, reset and relax but...


The Shallows and 4 Ways to Rise UP

     When Bradley and Gaga sang together at the Academy Awards there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Including mine. Brought me right back to one of my early break-ups. There’s me on a train leaving college to go I don’t know where, and the boyfriend staying back for the last and final semester before he became a totally awesome...