Coping Strategies

3 Ways to Keep Your Teen Happy in Family Therapy

"Why do They Act That Way" by David Walsh, is a great book to read to see if your teen's behavior is normal or crossing the line into madness.  Because there is a line.  If you check in and find that there are too many red flags in her behavior, perhaps family therapy is the way to go. When I do family therapy with adolescents there are three important things to keep in mind:

Always follow the social work...

Coping Strategies

I’m Talking to You!

Many teens and young adults come to therapy about "failed" relationships or ones in which the other partner "ghosted" (or disappeared) on them.  Through our little devices, we have lost the art of communication, some argue.

I think that it's not all the phone's fault.

girl with phone

People still need to make an effort, phone or not.  I'm sorry to single out boys but when did...

Coping Strategies

Put the Phone Down!

Last night I swear I had this bad dream that my 14 year old's phone charger was wrapped around her neck.  Parents come in my office throwing their hands up about the phone.  "Put the damn phone down!"  Some simply take it away, monitor it endlessly or cancel it altogether. Some dial it down and leave it alone.  Others have screen-free time, say after 9p.  Yet while some kids can thrive with the phone,...


So Many Texts, So Little Time

First, A little something about me.  My first foray into the digital age was 1999 when I jumped ship from a non-profit highly satisfying job as National Director of Patient Services, Leukemia-Lymphoma Society of America, for a little internet start-up called iVillage as their first ever Health and Policy Director.  In addition to deploying thousands of message boards for healthcare issues of all types from Fibromyalgia to a new Cancer...