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Tell Your Teen to Slow Down in 3 Easy Steps


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When girls are upset they tend to internalize.

I’m no good.

I’m invisible.

I’m not attractive enough.

I’m a loser.

No one would care if I wasn’t here.


WHY is this still going on!?  It’s 2018 people.  We have explored the trauma of #metoo and how we got to such a dysmal place, of making girls feel bad, but to what end?  Is it that the world is in more chaos than ever or –?  Discussing with my two teenage girls we found that they think early media images of negativity may actually make you think you are WORSE OFF than you really are.  Is this true?

Kids are suffering from addiction, depression, derealization, OCD, anxiety, PTSD and suicide/homicide at rates never before seen.  Yet we can’t figure out the causes. New treatments are popping up from stress relievers to vape pens to “tripping” away the trauma.

  • Did you know psychadelics are now being used in trauma treatment? —There are supposedly psychedelic (ibogaine?) experiences, when some drugs may help addicts find meaning about their lives and face their past in a unique way.

But why O why do we not simply have better mental health care for all of these scary, negative, unpleasant or horrifying experiences?

The answer?

I suppose we don’t care enough as a society to educate our kids that life is full of ups and downs and disappointments.  We don’t find it a priority to advocate for public health and prevention and wellness. Remember that movie Sicko where they showed foreign countries actually measuring their citizens’ happiness?

It’s not that the technology is causing our downfall, but it is hastening it.  The quick fix mentality for alleviating pain is so swift and all-consuming that we can barely take the time to breathe.  We rush from thing to thing, text to text.  We don’t have a suitable PACE for our lives.  We look to the outside to control our cravings.  From Prozac to Paxil, we don’t stop and ask what is going on.  In this violent, impulsive culture of ours, can we pause?

  1. What is Depression Really? If a girl says she’s depressed, ask her what that’s like, what that means, what is really going on before accepting it as fact.
  2. Take Action to Make a Change. If a girl says she’s lonely, see what’s available outside of your comfort zone.  Maybe learning hiphop will open up doors.  Be open to it.
  3. Assume Anxiety is Real. If a girl says she can’t breathe from stress, tune into to what exactly is triggering her.  Is it Math or Social Studies, her friend group or her body image.  Let’s figure it out together.

Hopefully, help is on the way.



Tell Your Teen to Slow Down in 3 Easy Steps

Donna C. Moss

Donna Moss was a blog contributor at Psych Central.

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