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Chaos, Confusion and Control – 3 Simple Truths

girl with fear photoThings have been a bit chaotic here in my world.  First I got bit by a dog (not mine, thank god), which is not something you ever expect to happen to you.  It hurt and was shocking most of all.  It’s one thing to try to control things in your immediate life, it’s another to be attacked out of the blue.  It was weirdly comforting to have my neighbor take care of me, since I’m usually the careGIVER.  It taught me lesson number one: nobody is totally in control.

Lots of clients have been in crisis this week. One young girl was sent to the hospital. Is Mercury rising?  It certainly hasn’t made the weather any better here in the North East!  I don’t know what it is: time of year?  Lunar patterns?  School stress?  Or generally the world seeming more fragile.  It has taught me lesson number two: It’s OK to just take a step back from the swirling times/news cycle/homework/life and give yourself a mental health break.

Lastly I have heard of recent losses of several of my friends.  Life is so random!  How do we comfort our friends.  How do we be present for the good as well as the bad.  How do we figure out when to “lean in” or not!?  One of my clients said, if her boyfriend wrote “Hey” with a period, like “Hey.” that there’s a big difference.  The period makes it much more alarming.  That’s how I got to lesson number three: don’t sweat the small text.

If you are stressed out by school/life/boys/work/death/taxes/dogs/ or even wild coyotes (in my suburban neighborhood) here’s what you need to do right now, according to Brene Brown:

Being mindful of ourselves first is a way of slowing down.  Do not grind to a halt and avoid your commitments.  Just slow it down.  One of my teen clients was emotionally numb when she started college and received a bunch of incompletes.  She finally took the time to get her medications adjusted and increased her therapy.  What a difference.  She is cranking out those papers like a firecracker!  Getting unstuck is the first step to gaining productivity and all the good feelings that come along with that.  Put your life mask on first.  Be mindful.  Be strong.  You got this.  As Brene Brown says,

Chaos, Confusion and Control – 3 Simple Truths

Donna C. Moss

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