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Case Review – The Things That Change You :-)

Just a couple of reasons why therapy helps!

Martin – was a grown man with dyslexia.  He was not dumb.  But his wife thought he was.  We worked together for seven years through his entire never-ending divorce to the graduation of his first child, and he finally came to accept himself for who he was: a big marshmallow.  Sadly I came to learn he was killed in a motorcycle crash several years ago.  I could never talk to anyone about it.

Lia – was a 20 year old college student who couldn’t get a date.  She was compellingly beautiful but feared every potato chip would be the death of her.  With gradual eating disorder, CBT and behavioral therapy she went from an anxious girl who only cared about the scale, to a lively 20-something with many prospects.  She still keeps in touch!

Jesse – was an an emotionally abused 6 year old whose mother would stop at nothing to manipulate Jesse for her own needs.  One day, on Jesse’s 7th birthday, she called me from her father’s phone, after one year of therapy, and said, “Donna, I want to be in charge of my own self!”  What a breakthrough!

Justine – was an anxious 25 year old who was afraid of getting stuck on the bridge (she had been in a prior accident there).  With months of carefully reducing her panic through exposure, she joined my young adult group.  After many suggestions and even offers to “talk her over” the bridge, a boisterous group member said, “Justine, just do it!”  She never came back and claimed she was cured!

Bella – wanted to overcome her childhood sexual abuse.  As a mental health professional herself, she knew all about these matters.  But taken through a slow re-processing and safe, gentle trauma treatment, she got to a place where she could no longer be harmed — Antarctica!  She said that the therapy helped immensely but only going far, far away would protect her.  And she did!

Sienna – had a phone addiction and she knew it.  We worked on building up her other skills through CBT and DBT and she eventually went on to lead workshops on time-management for her company!

Josie – went through brutal infertility treatments where doctors kept saying, “don’t worry, be happy” and loads of other crappy advise.  Finally Josie was able to adopt a baby.  Her beautiful child just turned one.  She had never believed the day would come when she could call herself a mom.

RJ – was a 40 yo male with a midlife crisis who said he felt like “a work-to-family-interface.” By this point he was having six or seven panic attacks per day (and too much coffee).  After we got him settled with medication, he went on to write and perform in his own Broadway show!

Perry – a sweet young tween was confused about her gender long before there was such a thing in the news.  Eventually she came out as gay after years of telling me about her gay fantasies without judgment.  Now thriving at college, she just wrote her first manuscript about growing up gay.



Case Review – The Things That Change You 🙂

Donna C. Moss

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