The 5 Mitzvahs – Resilience, Equanimity, Breathing, Communication, Compassion

…We can do much better.I hear that teen anxiety rates have doubled. Or are we just identifying it better? Either way as a society who would rather pay for guns than education who are we kidding? Bullet proof backpacks? Teens are taking matters into their own hands. If they vote, the Millenials can change the world. IF. The expression "ok boomer" should catch on like a match to a flame.

OK boomer is a...


It’s Not Contagious – How Teens Think of You

My adolescent clients have been coming in with terrible angst. They are triggered and tested to death. School has no meaning because all they do is "teach to the test."  If you don't believe me, my teacher clients say the same thing.  Kids and teachers who are high achievers are burnt out; kids who are low achievers get inappropriate help, like being muddled in a classroom that combines autism with ADD, dyslexia, and...


The Group Tonight: Why Can’t We Try Harder to Get Along?

My teen group is comprised of all shapes and colors of girls.

Girls who vape, have sex, stay on their phones all night, and have worries that are part of our larger world: friends getting shot to death; murdered. Friends who have been abused. Boys, girls, families with no anchor. Climate change. Not attending school. Phobic of attending school.  Parents who have two jobs. Parents who live in bad neighborhoods and don't let their kids out, ever....


Anxiety, CBD, and my Dog

Now that I've become an empty nester I am scared. Scared of the void with nothing to do. Scared of all work and no play. Anxious about the future of our planet, and hurricanes, global warming not to mention guns. So that is a broad spectrum of anxiety right there, and I know my kids and clients have it too.
Here's what the research has to say, Multiple 


The Drop Off Take 2.0 – We Wait til the Time is Right

How to describe the panic of separation and its necessity? I am overcome with sobs of grief but luckily my husband is there ever so sensitive, "she didn't die ya know."

College drop off. When you realize that all the crap you bought was already at the college Target down the road for a fraction of the price you paid.

College drop off, which we've talked about ad nauseum. Do your work. Don't talk to idiot jocks. Focus...


Dear Daughter, and Bed Bath & Beyond the Hype

My first daughter went to college and it was huge alright. Getting into a top school after facing down defeat at that racket called early decision, she got a deal so wonderful I walked around looking behind my shoulder to see if it was a trick. Yet they let her in and I let her go, despite my irrational fear it could all be taken from us in a moment.  Meanwhile,...


Our Chaotic World and Why We Can Fix it Now

As the world turns we have always had decades of war, pogroms, famine and fascism. I'm reminded of the worst-ever episode of my childhood: the odd-even gas lines. Can you imagine, children of the 60's, that being the harshest thing? Now the chaos seems biblical: border patrol paranoia, astronomical healthcare costs, malignant narcissist liar president, global warming, not to mention terrorism, gun violence and having to get stuck in a...