Why Yoga? 6 Steps to Relieve Anxious Moods Naturally

I'm anxious. Anxious traveler. Anxious driver. Anxious mother. There I said it. It was only when I found yoga with psychotherapy that I could regulate it on the spot. Now I use mind/body approaches in all my work. Why?

Science has shown that the body keeps the score.

Google anxiety, google yoga. The breathe complements our nervous systems. Calm the breathe and you calm your mind.

Do a child's pose. Legs up the wall, forward...


Anxiety Attacks and 6 Ways to Self-Soothe

I was having a panic attack myself when the client walked in stating she had been having one for 4 days.  There were a lot of things to consider.

First things first.  Put on your own oxygen mask before you can help anyone else.  So I put my anxiety in a box and saved it for later that night (oh joy).

She had a history of anxiety since her first diagnosis of a life-threatening medical...


The Bad Session – 3 Mistakes and How to Correct Them

I have been doing family therapy for 30 years.  I really enjoy my work. But recently there have been some difficult cases that left me upset and troubled for days. Let's try to reflect on what's going on.

The first case was that of a family with young kids in the throws of a separation. While they had already done the work of one partner moving out and adjusting the kids' schedules, (and boy were...


Social Justice in Teen Group – 3 Inspired Stories


Teen group tonight 16 year old girl gets into how she told her *friend group* off for some racist remarks, risking her entire social status. Other kids in tonight's group supported her and had similar stories. We applauded her courage in standing up for what is right.

Next, a girl says that her BFF was in mental hospital for depression when another friend called her several times to see how she was...


The Break-up Article: 4 Reasons Why Girls Suffer

--"The right feeling on the wrong scale"

I didn't quite realize after the 5th appointment this week that teen girls have a much, much harder time after break-ups than teen guys. So I scoured the internet for reasons. Do you know that there are dozens of articles that come up about boys having a harder time?! Well poor them. They don't come to therapy much anyway! Turns out the answer comes from evolutionary psychology.



The Anxious Therapist and How I Overcame It

In keeping with the new direction of my blog I'm going to focus more on the self-discovery process. It occurred to me the other day that I was laughing with the client because I completely and utterly understood where she was coming from. Not just the effort of being caring in the therapy setting, but the actual experience of knowing. And then it hit me (like a ton of bricks). No wonder I've been so successful...

Coping Strategies

What is Going On – the Myths of Suicide

What is going on?  Why are these homicides and suicides pervading our lives?  Why would someone who has a family and fame do such a thing?  Why would someone who has it all do this?  Because we know a number of things - and many things we don't know.

My daughter was writing her final essay for an English class that analyses the "American Dream." What we have learned from some great literature like the...

Coping Strategies

13 Reasons to Move On

Why are we glorifying horror.

I'll admit it.  After watching Game of Thrones for the 2nd time I feel a bit less shocked by all the violence.  Is that it?  If we expose ourselves to enough gore we can handle the shock better?  Ask a teenager who likes horror movies or video games.  It gets your blood pumping while at the same time reassures you that you're safe?  Something is going on with all...