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  • April 29, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    If all sex and psychotherapists advise a patient with a kink to sadism with spanking to not hurt anyone and except it since it can’t be cured, what do we do about the trauma children suffer from spanking as I have? This community has found an easy binary way out! Just condemn all corporal punishment of children as a professional policy statement and everyone can keep their sex addiction with spanking or if you prefer to minimize the condition a spanking fetish. Every sex therapist or psychotherapist who hides behind the DSM rules about “do no harm with your fetish is trying to have their cake and eat it too! If parents who use ritualized corporal punishment spanking on their children live in denial of their own childhood trauma from spanking and can point to your milk toast answer about spanking as a kink they have a free pass! You indirectly perpetuate child abuse. I policy statement about a paraphilia not doing harm is very generic! To advise people to not waste their time as to why they have a spanking fetish or any other fetish simply because it can’t be changed or removed is a serious harm to society for any child who’s parents have a sadomasochistic fetish! So go on, let a policy statement be your alibi! Many general public parents who use spanking and religious leaders thank you for your symbolic binary answer to spanking fetishes. That way society can enjoy it’s adult spanking fetish which you excuse in a consenting relationship and still covertly enjoy and indulge in their spanking fetish with their own children covertly and NO ONE is the wiser! I have view online thousands of comments by real parents who have a spanking fetish and seriously distinguish it from their use of spanking as punishment for their own children! The claim it’s two very different acts and experiences, how so? Who are the real cowards? The mental health profession that hides behind nuances in the DSM-V. History is littered with broken adults from childhood trauma, spanking being just one. I have yet to hear ONE mental health professional publically address the issue of forced ritualized clothing removal and intimate genital exposure involved but hidden in most imaging of a parent spanking a child. But yet in the privacy of a bedroom with two consenting adults the act is just sexual interactions.
    The intent of the acts are different so lets use context to hide sexual abuse! When will sex therapists stop enabling parents who legally can spank their children and sexually abuse them? Not one word is written in professional literature about spanking children where forced nudity and intimate exposure are common. Why is that? Excuse a spanking fetish and you by default excuse sexual abuse of children where the adult has a spanking fetish and has never heard sexual abuse and the word spanking in the same sentence. Incest taboo is no protection, nor defense! Congratulations for removing all sense of shame for sadomasochism, spanking parents have enjoyed the social movement to legitimize “Fifty Shades of Grey” As long as the sexual therapy community and mental health community points to ways to enjoy sadomasochism our nations leaders wrapped around popular messages of religious advocacy for child corporal punishment will resist any voice to ban child spanking. We free sexual paraphilia individuals from guilt and any concern of harm to their children and continue to allow legal child sexual abuse covertly practiced in the comfort of family life. There is no test to prove negative sexual intent and some individuals have no sense of their own spanking fetish in consciousness. Why do sex therapists fail to disclaim a spanking fetish can harm children? By separating spanking between adults and children we provide spanking fetish parents and parents in general the safest cover to abuse them.

  • May 4, 2019 at 9:52 pm

    Very well written and informative!


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