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Can Women be Sex Addicts?

From what the media tells us, sexual addiction is a strictly male problem – or least that is all we seem to hear. Men cheating on their wives, men seeing prostitutes, men going to strip clubs, massage parlours and of course, male politicians sexting online.

Does this mean that there are no female sex addicts? If there are women out there who are acting out with sex, where are they and why don’t we hear more about them?

The news media gives endless examples of famous husbands who betray their wives in ways that often result in public humiliation for them both (Clinton, Sanford, Tiger, Weiner, etc.). But what about women who ‘act out’ with sex and romance? While we know that women act out additively with food, drugs, alcohol, gambling spending and caretaking, the truth is that there is little to no research on female sex and relationship addiction.

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Can Women be Sex Addicts?

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  1. Well, there’s Sarah Palin, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Naomi Campbell, Carmen Electra, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian, Susan Sarandon, Elizabeth Taylor, Whitney Houston, etc. Plenty of famous female sex addicts and they get slut shamed a lot.

  2. I have a friend that was caught not too long ago having an affair. Come to find out, it’s the third one she’s had in the last year or so. She has a good life and a good loving husband who has decided to forgive her provided that it doesn’t happen anymore. I’m pretty sure this counts as sexual addiction. How do you help(or how does her husband help) her come to the realization that she has an addiction, more than just a few bad mistakes, and get help without her becoming angry and defensive?

  3. LR, just making your fantasy list of women you wish had sexual addiction does not count as any kind of useful input.

  4. LR’s contribution is as valid as positing in articles that men such as John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Rep. Weiner, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn are “sex addicts.”

    That is to say, total conjecture. Yet journalists and therapists get away with naming the men, and there’s nary a blink. Not even when DSK has all charges against him dropped!

  5. LR’s obvious point is that we know no more about the inner psychological life of the women she lists than we do about the inner psych life of Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Mark Sanford, Tiger Woods, or any of the other media-and-blog-crowded “sex addicts” out there.

    We know nothing about any of them. We have no business postulating that they are “sex addicts” in print or in gossip.

  6. I have many women visiting my blog looking for help. Actually it has increased over the past couple years at an alarming rate. They may be more comfortable to seek help or the actual problem itself has increased but it is very apparent.

  7. Where does the stat about 8-12% women in treatment come from?


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