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Problematic Porn Use: Quantity vs. Consequences

A new study by Mateusz Gola, Karol Lewczuk, and Maciej Skorko, published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, looks at the factors that drive people into treatment for problematic porn use. In particular, Gola and his team wanted to determine if frequency of porn use or consequences related to porn use are more important. Unsurprisingly, as sex addiction treatment specialists like myself and Dr. Patrick Carnes have been stating and writing...
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Men, Women, and Sexual Objectification

Mars and Venus

Men and women typically experience sex - both fantasy and reality - in different ways. It has long been known that when it comes to sex men tend to be visually oriented, whereas women tend to be more interested in a connection or relationship. Basically, when a man sexually admires a woman, he is usually focused on certain body parts and their potential use for him (as sexual objects). When viewing pornography,...
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Holiday Hoopla Can Intensify All Addictions, Including Sex and Love

Time Off + Gifts + Shopping + Expectations + Family = The Need for Solid Recovery

For men and women who suffer from sex and/or love addiction, the holidays present the following dangerous combination:

An increased number of emotionally challenging situations from which there can be a desire to "escape"
Extra free time for slips and relapse (via time off from work or school)
A culturally influenced background encouraging unrealistic expectations of "joy and happiness"

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Is Virtual Sex Destined to Become Your New BFF?

There is never a dull moment in the sex-nology industry. If you don’t like what you see (or feel), just wait a few months and someone will invent a gadget or program to suit your every sexual taste and desire.

In addition to their sex-partner-seeking, geo-location abilities, smart phones are among the latest gadgets revolutionizing the rapidly evolving world of virtual sexuality. Just as video sales in the 80s,...
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