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Archives for October, 2015

Sex Addiction Treatment

Naked in Public: An Interview with Therapist and Author Staci Sprout

I have long argued that the literature and treatment protocols for sexual addiction are heavily skewed toward male clients – as if it is only men who act out sexually. At least part of this shortcoming arises from the fact that female sex addicts are less likely than their male counterparts to seek direct help for a sexual problem, which makes them harder...
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Celebrity Hypocrisy – It’s Not Just Them

Same Story, Different News Cycle
Fame: Reality TV star Josh Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting was an active, respected member of a highly visible conservative Christian church, and he served as Executive Director of FRC Action, a conservative Christian political group affiliated with and sponsored by the equally conservative Family Research Council.
Reality: Duggar has admitted to molesting at least five underage girls, including...
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