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Archives for January, 2015

Sex & Sexuality

The Viagra Conundrum

I’m of a certain age – if you don’t know what “certain age” means, then you’re not there yet – and I tend to watch television programs geared toward my demographic. With these shows I am inevitably treated to a barrage of commercials featuring impossibly attractive middle-aged and older couples looking unusually romantic in some wonderfully bucolic setting. Most often they’re either cuddling by a lake at sunset or sipping Chardonnay on the...
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Resolutions for Change: What are the Chances for Success?


The season for overindulgence is finally past. Now is the winter of our discontent with all of that intemperance, and our desire to make commensurate life changes.

This year I will stop overeating and bingeing on junk food, and I will lose at least 20 pounds.
This year I will cut down on my drinking.
This year I will limit myself to $50 per week at the casino.
This year...
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