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Archives for October, 2014

Hypersexual Disorders

Recognizing the Consequences of Sexual Addiction

Assessment Questions

It’s not exactly a clinical secret that most of the sex addicts who enter therapy do so in response to their addiction’s related symptoms—disintegrating relationships, depression, severe anxiety, inability to focus at work or in school, social isolation, and the like. Rarely do these individuals walk in the door say, “You know, I think maybe I’m a sex addict, and that’s probably the first thing I need to deal with.” Instead,
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Sex & Technology

Does Your Client Have a Cybersex Problem?

Levels of Cybersex Use

In today’s digitally driven world it can be difficult to distinguish between those whose involvement with online sexual behavior is recreational, those whose involvement is “at-risk,” and those who are cybersex addicted (those whose lives and functionality are negatively affected by repetitive online sexual activity). This is compounded by the fact that most of the people who are struggling with cybersexual activity who enter psychotherapy choose to talk about their symptoms (depression,...
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