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Archives for September, 2014

Sex & Sexuality

Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Addiction or Offending?

When It Comes to Sex, Confusion Reigns

After more than two decades spent treating both sexual addicts and the occasional offender, I’ve watched the field of sexual disorders assessment and treatment come very far in its understanding of both sexual addiction and sexual offending. Nevertheless, the general public is often wildly misinformed on both topics, as are at least a few clinicians. One of the most common misperceptions is...
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Addicts Just Want to Have Fun (in Recovery)

All Work and No

Jack a 52-year-old divorced high school guidance counselor, after a stint of inpatient substance abuse rehab, had nine months sober from both alcoholism and marijuana addiction. In addition to working 8 to 5 every weekday, Jack kept a journal, meditated daily, and attended at least one twelve step meeting each evening. He also met with his therapist once per week and his twelve step...
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Another Study Links Compulsive Sexual Behavior to Other Forms of Addiction

Status Quo (For Now)

In mid-July I published a blog discussing a recently released fMRI (brain imaging) study showing that the brain activity of sex addicts, when they are shown pornography, mirrors the brain activity of drug addicts when they are exposed to drug-related imagery. That research strongly suggested that sexual addiction not only exists, but that it manifests in the brain in profoundly...
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