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Archives for March, 2014


Fame and Fortune in Psychotherapy

The (Non)Importance of Media

Prior to speaking, along with my friend and colleague Dr. Christine Courtois, at the amazing Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in DC last weekend, I spent several days in New York interacting with one media outlet after another in the service of promoting my latest book , Closer Together, Further Apart, coauthored with Dr. Jennifer Schneider. The book examines the intersection of human relationships and digital...
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Addiction: Nature versus Nurture

Two Kids, One Bottle, Vastly Different Response

Best friends Eric and Thomas are 14 years old. They are from upper-middle-class families. They make good grades, play sports, and are getting interested in girls. At their eighth grade graduation Thomas tells Eric that his older brother has invited them to an end-of-school party. They know they’re only being invited so Thomas won’t rat on his brother for being at a party where kids are...
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Hypersexual Disorders

Sex Addiction: The Never-Ending Debate

A few weeks ago, after writing and publishing a blog titled “Treating Sexual Addiction” on the Counselor Magazine website, links to this fairly brief article made its way into various LinkedIn forums, including the Professional Sexology group (1,700 members), a forum that leans heavily toward the “sex addiction is a myth” school of thought. Generally, in virtual professional forums I am willing to answer questions, but I try to avoid...
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When Parenting Your Kids, How Much Tech is Too Much Tech?

Just the Facts

If you’ve got kids or grandchildren, you know that they love technology. They’ve got televisions, gaming consoles, and laptops in their bedrooms, pads and tablets in their book-bags, iPods and smartphones in their pockets. And wherever they are, whenever they are, no matter how old they are, they are probably using one or more of these devices. In fact, one well-researched study estimates...
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