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Psychiatric Care that Shortchanges Itself

Over the years I’ve grown more and more frustrated when viewing the mental healthcare system of which I am a part, as I consistently see this system fail to adequately meet the needs of various segments of the population. I have watched as the LGBT community, women, blacks, immigrants, children, and so many others - often the most disenfranchised among us - have been ignored, underserved, and even at times outright...
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Hypersexual Disorders

Misunderstanding Sexual Addiction

In a nationally distributed, recently published study a group of researchers argued that what is often called “sexual addiction” or “sexual compulsivity” could be better understood as a pathological variation of “high sexual desire.” After the publication of this article, released with great fanfare to the broadcast and print media, a multitude of media outlets suggested that the conclusions of this study demonstrate that there is...
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