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Archives for August, 2013


When Substance Abuse and Intimacy Issues Are Linked

Addiction and Intimacy Don’t Mix

Perhaps it’s no surprise that many addicts in early recovery are challenged by the need to invigorate and grow healthy relationship intimacy of all types (sponsors, friends, family, etc.) After all, alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases of isolation, secrecy, and dissociation. In other words, people who consistently abuse substances do so not because they’re looking to connect and engage; rather, they do so...
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Trauma and Addiction Treatment: The Differences in Male and Female Clients

Mars vs. Venus - in Recovery

We have long known that there are significant differences in the ways that men and women think, act, and relate. To a large extent these differences are neurobiological in nature as male brains and female brains show significant structural differences. For starters, the brains (and heads) of boys and men are about 9 percent larger than those of girls and...
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