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Archives for June, 2013

Sex & Sexuality

The Reality of Bisexuality

Sex is Not a One-Way Street

I had thought that in writing this long-overdue blog on bisexuality I could offer a straightforward, readily understandable overview of some issues that are very basic to human sexuality. I was wrong. Research, literature, and societal attitudes about bisexuality are all over the board. Part of the issue is that there’s not even a universally agreed upon definition. After doing a lot of reading and thinking, I’ll...
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Sex & Technology

Protecting Children from Online Dangers

Safely at Play in the Digital Funhouse

Last week I wrote about some of the dangers that kids face in today’s increasingly online society, primarily covering digital predators, pornography, sexting, and cyberbullying. This week’s blog is focused on what parents can do to protect their children while still allowing them the freedom to grow and the opportunity to experience all the good that technology has to...
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