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Archives for May, 2013

Sex & Technology

Kids and Tech: Understanding the Risks

It’s a Big, Bad, Digital

In today’s digital world, one of the greatest concerns for most parents is their children’s online safety - and, by extension, their children’s real-world safety. These fears are sometimes overblown, though they are hardly ungrounded. Let’s face it, with the increasing sophistication of search engines and GPS apps it’s becoming more difficult by the day to maintain one’s personal privacy, especially for kids, who often...
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The Prevalence of Porn

Americans Gone Wild

There seems to be a lot of media fear-mongering about online porn, citing a wide range of statistics on usage. To listen to some, you’d think that everyone and his grandmother is online 24/7 engaging in digitally driven self-pleasure. Interestingly, both the porn industry and anti-porn activists have a tendency to cite the most inflated numbers they can find to make their particular point. The sex industry does this so...
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