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Archives for February, 2013


Addiction and Narcissistic Shame

I used to think that I was the problem. Now I understand that it was my behavior and how I conducted my life that was the problem. Despite the bad choices of my past, I now understand that I am a man who is worthy of love and a good life, simply because I exist. Understanding this fully has not made day-to-day recovery easier, but it sure helps me get through the rough spots...
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Valentine’s Day Massacred

Women, Love, and Addiction

Valentine's Day is once again upon us. For most happily paired individuals, February 14 is a day of chocolates, roses, and intimate time with a spouse or partner. However, for some more emotionally vulnerable single individuals, V-Day can feel like a cruel, frustrating, unjust reminder of their loneliness and unhappiness. The greatest sufferers are those who rely on an intimate relationship as their primary means of emotional stability and affect...
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Cocaine, Sex, and Executive Privilege

In recent months I've written extensively about individuals struggling with the all-too-common interplay of stimulant drug abuse and sexual acting out. However, I've not spent much time discussing WHO we are dealing with in terms of this treatment population. In this blog, I examine one segment of this growing clientele - a man I call "The Executive Player."
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