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Archives for December, 2012

Hypersexual Disorders

No Sex Please, We’re Psychiatrists

Last week we learned that the proposed diagnosis of Hypersexual Disorder, more commonly known as sexual addiction, would not be included as a criteria-based diagnosis in the forthcoming DSM-5. As I have written previously, I did not expect Hypersexual Disorder to "make it" into the DSM-5 as a standalone diagnosis. I did, however, expect it to be listed in the Appendix of next spring's publication as a potential diagnosis requiring further research....
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Holiday Hoopla Can Intensify All Addictions, Including Sex and Love

Time Off + Gifts + Shopping + Expectations + Family = The Need for Solid Recovery

For men and women who suffer from sex and/or love addiction, the holidays present the following dangerous combination:

An increased number of emotionally challenging situations from which there can be a desire to "escape"
Extra free time for slips and relapse (via time off from work or school)
A culturally influenced background encouraging unrealistic expectations of "joy and happiness"

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