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Archives for October, 2012

Hypersexual Disorders

Recent UCLA-led Study Strongly Supports Proposed DSM-5 “Hypersexual Disorder” Diagnosis

The Debate

The proposed Hypersexual Disorder diagnosis now being considered by the APA for inclusion in the forthcoming DSM-5 has generated a great deal of heat in the therapeutic community. And frankly, there should always be significant dialog before any form of inherently healthy human behavior (eating, sleeping, sex, etc.) is clinically designated as pathological. After all, the power to “label” must always be carefully wielded to avoid turning social, religious, or moral judgments into...
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Online Romance: Dating in the Digital Age

A Bold New World

Once upon a time, "lonely hearts" advertisements could be found hidden in the back pages of aspiring underground magazines and local city newspapers. To search for a mate, you placed a printed ad that provided a few salient (but never overtly salacious) bits of information about yourself, along with a brief statement about what you were seeking in a potential partner. If you could afford the extra money and were brave...
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