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Archives for June, 2012

Intimacy & Fidelity

Girls Gone Wild… Why Women Cheat

"Infidelity is best defined as the keeping of secrets in an intimate relationship."

—Robert Weiss, 2006

Last week I published a blog on why men cheat. The piece generated an unexpectedly overwhelming response from all sides, with one of the main comments being, “It’s not just men who cheat.” And that statement is absolutely correct! Our cultural stereotypes tell us that it is usually men who step...
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Intimacy & Fidelity

Sexual Freedom vs. Sexual Addiction: The Gay Male Conundrum

Pride and Problems

June is unofficially “Gay Pride Month,” when major cities around the world host gay and lesbian focused celebrations and events featuring parades, parties, festivals and forums. In Los Angeles, Pride takes place this weekend, June 8th – 10th, in the form of a huge parade and a weekend-long outdoor festival.

And there is much to celebrate. Without doubt, the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender) community has come an incredibly long way since the American Psychiatric Association was labeling homosexuality as a...
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