Think of the following in terms of the “Triple A Engine”: Access, Affordability, Anonymity…

Sex addiction access from the beginning of time – Pre-history to 1900 consisted of cave art, affairs and infidelity, prostitution and harems to compulsive masturbation to fantasy. Now add in porn shops, strip clubs, magazines and photos, and porn movie theaters which evolved dramatically from the 1900’s to the 60’s.

Following were the late 70’s to 1990, where new technology was invented such as video (VCR and BETA) – AND, it’s when phone sex became mainstream.

Then in 1990 to 2004, we began to see Bulletin Board Systems, websites, online porn, chat rooms, and online hook-ups. From 2004 to the present, much has evolved at a steady pace – sexting, smart phones with GPS locators, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), 3-D imagery, and VirtualWorld sex. Clearly escalation in sex addiction is being fueled by exponential technology growth  – which is only just beginning in the move towards virtual sex…As technology, social networks, and smartphones have literally changed the way we connect and consume, Southern California-based Elements Behavorial Health has announced an interactive panel discussion called VirtualSx to address topics related to sex and intimacy in the digital age. The panel will draw some of today’s most notable sex addiction, online dating, and sexual health experts to provide insights into this often debated, misunderstood subject. The discussion will generate dialogue around questions such as:

  • What exactly is “sex addiction” and are things like social networks, smartphones and mobile apps responsible for increasing sexually addictive behaviors?
  • How has technology changed our attitudes about sex, intimacy and relationships?
  • What is cheating and how have the definitions of infidelity changed?
  • What are the implications on youth and how they view healthy sexuality?
  • Are sexually addictive behaviors increasing and is sex addiction real?

On October 20th, 2011 from 9:30am to noon PST, tune into our USTREAM to watch the discussion live:

For additional information on VirtualSx, please visit: