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Archives for August, 2011

Hypersexual Disorders

Compulsive Masturbation With or Without Porn – The Hidden Side of Sex Addiction

Sexual Addiction without a Sexual Partner?

Compulsive masturbation to fantasy and/or online porn carries some of the most shame, secrecy and isolation of all the problem sexual behaviors practiced by active sexual addicts – both male and female. Often devoid of intimate sexuality and healthy intimacy in adult life and frequently raised with extensive histories of childhood abuse and/or neglect, compulsive masturbators are often the last to seek help as they don’t see or relate to...
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Understanding Love and Romance Addiction: Part One

When love and sex become a means to distract or escape from emotional pain, partner choice becomes skewed. Compatibility becomes based on "whether or not you will leave me,” “how intense our sex life is" or "how I can hook you into staying," rather than mutual compatibility or whether we might truly become intimate and healthy peers, friends and companions.

It can be difficult to understand how the gifts of...
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