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with Nagma V. Clark, Ph.D., LPCC

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Four Bad Reasons For Opening Up Your Relationship

Open relationships are becoming increasingly common among couples and they are no longer limited to the lifestyles of the rich and famous! The popularity of open relationships is beginning to overshadow the stigma and negative societal stereotypes associated with alternative relationship structures and lifestyles. An open relationship is more likely to succeed if the decision to open up the relationship was made for the right reasons.


Tips For Couples With Mismatched Libido

Impact of mismatched desire on a relationship:

Differing libidos in a relationship are perfectly normal unless the discrepancy is causing relationship distress. If a couple is experiencing relationship distress due to desire incompatibility, usually the partner with the lower desire controls the “when and how much” of sex in the relationship.


How Your Partner Can Cause Your Libido To Decline

When it comes to low sexual desire or any other sexual issue for that matter, it’s much easier to blame the issue on an underlying physical condition such as diabetes, hormonal imbalance or surgery. But what if all potential physical causes of low libido have been ruled out? You are forced to face the possibility that your partner or your relationship could be the reason that your desire has taken a nose dive.


Sex Therapy: Is It For You?

In this fast-paced world, it is not unusual for couples to struggle with sexual intimacy. Whether it’s an issue related to low sexual desire or problems with erection and orgasm, individuals and couples are becoming more open to the idea of seeking sex therapy.

Despite the growing social acceptance of seeking help for sexual issues, an air of mystery continues to surround sex therapy.