Let's Talk Sex
with Nagma V. Clark, Ph.D., LPCC


How To Reconnect After A Dry Spell


Dry spells among couples in long-term relationships are extremely common.

A lot of things can get in the way of having sex regularly - jobs, commutes, kids and chores. There is no one right answer to the question - how often do happy couples have sex because the number varies for each couple. Some couples have sex multiple times a week and some once a month, and both might report the same level of satisfaction from their relationship.

Female sexuality

Tips For Women With Sexual Pain


Feeling pain during intercourse can be extremely debilitating for women and has a very negative impact on their desire to have sex and the ability to get aroused. Women experiencing sexual pain often report feeling defeated by the idea that the pain will only get worse and never get better.

Female sexuality

Tips For Women With Orgasm Issues


You know the feeling…your partner wants to have sex and you do too but the frustration that comes with not being able to orgasm is something you are tired of experiencing. You feel aroused but just can’t reach orgasm. Perhaps your partner gets frustrated too or feels inadequate as a lover. You begin to believe that there is something lacking in you and feel deprived of ultimate sexual satisfaction.


You Are Kinky But Your Partner Is Not


You are finding yourself more and more curious about kink and would love to explore what it would be like to bring kink into your relationship. The idea of discovering brand new sexual interests and adding variety to your sexual experiences is making you very excited and eager to move forward. But there is one hitch that is making you pull the brakes on your excitement- your partner doesn’t share your curiosity and is not drawn to kink.


Reboot Your Sex Life After a Baby

Most new parents are blindsided by the steep decline in both the frequency of sex and overall sexual satisfaction. They feel lost and don’t know how to balance their new roles as parents and partners. Often, they tend to take the lack of sex as a personal rejection from their partners. They also feel hopeless and wonder if things will ever get better.