Let's Talk Sex
with Nagma V. Clark, Ph.D., LPCC

About Let’s Talk Sex & Dr. Clark

Dr. ClarkNagma V. Clark, Ph.D., L.P.C.C., C.S.T. is a sex & relationship expert, and founder of Tri-Valley Relationship Therapy, Inc.  http://www.trivalleyrelationshiptherapy.com , a thriving sex therapy & couples counseling practice in the Bay Area, CA. Dr. Clark is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist & a PACT Level II Certified Couples Therapist.

She specializes in working with couples & individuals struggling with low or mismatched libido, weak or absent orgasms, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, sexual pain, sexuality & aging, general sexual dissatisfaction etc. She also works with people interested in exploring sexual orientation, gender identity, kink, BDSM, polyamory, and atypical sexual behaviors. She has been in the field of sexuality since 2006, including 4 years of clinical experience in the area of forensic sexuality, treating sexual paraphilias.

She is a licensed professional clinical counselor (L.P.C.C.) with a license to practice psychotherapy in the states of CA, PA & LA. She holds a doctorate in human sexuality with specialization in sex therapy from Widener University, PA. Since 2002, her clinical experience has spanned individuals, couples & families from diverse cultural, ethnic & racial backgrounds in the United States as well as abroad. As a bi-cultural, multilingual woman of color, she possesses an expansive & versatile view of the world which she brings into her work and her writing (https://www.trivalleyrelationshiptherapy.com/blog/). For more information or to reach Dr. Clark, please visit http://www.trivalleyrelationshiptherapy.com

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