2 thoughts on “Attention Deficit Disorder and Sex Addiction: What’s the Connection?

  • October 31, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    He thinks it’s “not impulsivity but the detrimental affects on self-esteem suffered by children with ADHD that causes them to seek to self-medicate with drugs or sex to cope with their poor self concept and low self confidence.”

    Methinks it’s that these folks have very high motivation for sexual stimulation and low motivation for honor.

    Let’s put it to the test. As Dr. Steven Reiss put it, on a blog over at Psychology Today:

    We can scientifically evaluate these theories by studying two groups. Group A might consist of 100 people with poor self-concept (feelings of being unloved) and average sex drive. Group B might consist of 100 people with average self-concept and above-average sex drive. I believe that even the dullest of psychologists executing such a study will find that Group B is more promiscuous than Group A. In other words, I believe that sex drive predicts promiscuous behavior better than does self-concept.”


    • December 3, 2012 at 2:35 am

      I believe that there is some validity to this claim. Set aside the lack of honor, or self control. I for one can see if one person with a 1) pre disposition to and addiction, 2) either a dituation of abuse in early child hood or 3) a tru clinical disorder to include some form of lack of concentration, either too stimulated or not able to stay focused ( what ever catagorizes thay fill) can be a bases for the connection.

      Not all people that suffer dysfuntion are inthe lower social/moral/ethical pool of society. Another note, as we get older, and take this situation to heart, we can change the behavior.


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