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Archives for July, 2013


Should Sex Addicts Ever Hold Public Office?

Currently everyone seems to form some kind of impression about Anthony Weiner’s  or Bob Filner's sexual behavior and what it means.  But what do people really know?  Clinical evaluation of someone’s sexual behavior involves a thorough interview and testing and consideration of how much or what kind of treatment they might need for the anticipated outcome. The person watching the events play out in the media doesn’t have...
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cross addiction

Don’t Call it Hypersexuality: Why we Need the Term Sex Addiction

What does it mean to say that sex addiction "exists" or "doesn't exist" apart from the fact that denying it's existence or rebutting the denials can get you your 15 minutes of fame.

A diagnostic term is always a provisional construct, a tool for organizing information about phenomena we are trying to understand and work with.  A construct will be “correct” as long as it is optimally useful.

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The Attraction to Unavailable People

Someone who gets into relationships with unavailable people knows that it can feel nonsensical.  Taking up with someone who is already married, or who does not want to be tied down, or who lives several thousand miles away seems so unlikely to succeed.  And yet for some people that is their typical relationship scenario.

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Overcoming Cravings for Porn and Addictive Sex

The most important thing to realize about the struggle to resist the urge to “act out” with addictive sexual behaviors and internet pornography is that resistance really is futile.    Sayings like “what we resist persists” and “if you are arguing with your ‘addict’, you have already lost” convey the idea that there is something wrong with trying to fight off a sexual craving.

You feel a slight urge to go to the computer and...
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