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Archives for March, 2013


When Straight Men are Addicted to Gay Sex

I have heard from any number of women who are understandably shocked and confused to find out that the man they are seeing or married to has been having sexual experiences with other men.  Sometimes it is in the form of actual sexual encounters in various situations and sometimes it is only in the context of cybersex experiences.  These are situations in which the relationship had previously seemed like a normal heterosexual...
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Is it Possible to Tune out Sexy Women?

You don’t have to be a sex addict to get totally distracted by a great looking woman (or a great looking man for that matter, especially if you are gay).  But everybody looks at women; men look at women and women look at women.  And women who appear in an obviously sexy manner will get almost anybody’s attention, at least momentarily.

Sex addicts in recovery are encouraged to see sexual gaze as problematic behavior. ...
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When Should You Forgive?

“The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Can you ever forgive the betrayal by a sex addict partner?  The addict has led a double life and lied to your face.  The relationship you have with a spouse or partner is supposed to be the primary relationship in your life, your primary loyalty.   The addict has done violence to the...
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Narcissists are Hypnotists: How You Can Break the Spell

If you have ever tried to relate to a serious narcissist you will realize that there is something different about it.  Because narcissists are deeply insecure they need to constantly establish their power and worth.  They are not like hypnotists they literally are hypnotists.  It’s how they relate.  The normal feelings you get with someone you like, feeling like you have “good chemistry” or feeling like you “hit it off”...
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