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3 Reasons Why Saying “F*ck This” Is Great Self-Care

Sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves. We don’t always have the energy that we desire to have. I found myself over the past few months unwilling to write and pay attention to my blog.

So many things were going on and I felt that I needed to just let everything go. So that is what I did. I let everything go, at least for a little while. This time away go me to thinking. What if I really needed to not care about things for a while because not giving a f*ck is actually a form of self-care.

Now don’t get me wrong here, there are times when we must care about things. Sometimes we need to free ourselves of the load of the world and its issues by simply letting go and doing something else. If you are considering taking a not giving a f*ck break, here are 3 reasons to help you make that decision.

You Deserve a Break.  Look, you have been putting time into things that needed your attention every single day. You have busted your butt doing everything that has been asked of you. Now you are tired, frustrated, and maybe angry. It’s time to stop, look in the mirror and say I don’t give a f*ck today. You deserve a day that is about you and no one else. Don’t allow yourself to talk yourself out of it. Just go ahead and not care for this day.


Saying Just F*ck It is Freeing. Have you ever experienced pressure build up inside that you just wanted out. If you haven’t, then consider yourself lucky. When these moments arise, think of them as an opportunity to take command of the emotional ship in your life. Again find that mirror, step outside, or sit in the car and say “F*ck This”.

Take a deep breath and say “F*ck This” again. Do you feel better? When I do this I start to put some actions behind my words. I begin to take things off the to do list until I feel lighter on the  inside. There is a freeing feeling that comes over me that makes me realize like I  can do this tomorrow just not today.


Can It Be Done Tomorrow? Sometimes we hold on to tasks because we forget that sh*t rally can be done tomorrow. Again this is where not giving a f*ck can help you get over this hurdle. I have learned to take things slowly day by day and that means what gets done today will get done today and what won’t, won’t. And I am okay with that. I honestly believe that you can be okay with it as well.

Not giving a f*ck isn’t for everyone. However, for those of us who can take a moment to say “F*ck It”, may realize just how powerful moving away from things can be. I know that it may take some sacrifices. I almost lost my blog here. But for me it was needed to allow the outside noise of my life to die down. So today if you need to just say “F*ck This” and relax for the rest of the day then do just that.

3 Reasons Why Saying “F*ck This” Is Great Self-Care

Laqwanda Roberts-Buckley, MSSW

Laqwanda Roberts-Buckley, MSSW, is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and Mental Health Advocate. She has served the mental health community as a public speaker, crisis line counselor, and therapist. She routinely opens the doorway to her emotional self to encourage the hearts of others through lifestyle video blogs for her Youtube channel Laqwanda’s Heart with nearly 32,000 subscribers. It is her desire to simply inspire others to discover peace along their journey in life. You can follow Laqwanda on Instagram @Laqwandasheart

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