How mountains connect you to yourself

Once a upon a time when I was young (how’s that for way to start a story!) I was hiking with a group of friends in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Magic abounded around almost every corner.

Off the beaten path, we saw a rhododendron forest like I’d never seen before.  Tall, lush, fully in bloom.  These bushes were thick, quiet, holding the sacred presence of the ages. Our Nepalese guide told us this forest was hundreds of years old.

Remembering it now, I quiet.

We walked on a bit more to find ourselves stumbling on shale, the fragile rock interfering with our walk.

The mountains were stark. Unrelenting. Sacred. A different, powerful kind of presence.

Then I heard a sound like I’d never heard before.  From behind I felt this presence of sound and turned.

Utterly magical. 


Sorting Out Multiple Messages [Part 2 Have you become an Emotional Warehouse?]

Much of the conflicts in relationships happen because of the messages layered into ordinary words. We can't make sense so we "absorb" the confusion, becoming an Emotional Warehouse for other people's "stuff."

It would be so much easier if everything that happened could be taken at face value.   You say “Hi” to someone and they don’t respond – and you shrug it off.

Or they say “Hi” but won’t make eye contract.

Or they turn away as they say it…

Or they have an angry tone in their voice.

That simple “Hi” then takes on multiple layers. 


Have you become an Emotional Warehouse? Part 1

Ever hear yourself talking with someone and getting heated up?  Emotionally revved up. Can't slow it down?  Or feel trapped by it?

This can happen when we’re getting charged up about something. It might be about a sense of injustice, feeling out of control, or being powerless to change things.

Mirror Neurons

We’re empathic people, naturally and normally.  You may have had the experience of watching sports on TV and seeing someone get hit really badly?


Your body recoils just by...

Secure Base

Learning Relationship Safety Signals to Build a Secure Self

Life is crazy more times than not. Life, and our relationships, are full of uncertain, unknown, confusing moments. How, then, do we adapt to experiences in life that we feel unprepared for? This question comes up in every session I have with clients – and almost every conversation with friends and colleagues.

When you didn’t grow up in a secure environment, something every child should have had but most of us didn’t, then life can be even more complicated.  The research indicates that one in four of us has what we call a secure attachment.  That means, of course, that the rest of us, three of every four of us, do not.