One thought on “Punch Drunk: Six Factors That Influence Your Buzz

  • July 9, 2016 at 6:03 am

    This author is not a licensed health care professional. Thus, he does not know how MDs nor any other licensed health care professionals counsel their patients on these matters. Gender is not a significant factor, in and of itself, in regards to the potential for becoming drunk.

    It is the body mass of the alcohol imbiber that matters, when it comes to impacting drunkenness. Women and men come in all sizes and shapes, some petite or anorexic while others tall or large, while most are somewhere in-between. Some have all four limbs, while others have partial or missing limbs. All of these factors impact the processes of alcohol digestion, blood circulation, and waste excretion but have nothing to do with gender.

    However age and concurrent health issues, along with other medications/street drugs used (regularly or as needed/desired), do have a huge influence on how quickly and/or effectively alcohol is absorbed and transformed, within the human body. Healthier bodies usually digest toxins (like alcohol) more easily and speedily than less healthy ones do. The same can generally be said about younger bodies vs older bodies.

    The tricky issue that’s been left almost completely unresearched is the matter of the interactions between alcohol and prescription, over-the-counter, and/or street drugs. Just as the foods you eat usually slow down the absorption of alcohol into the body’s systems, other drugs recently taken may inhibit or speed the digestive processes involved, though no one can state authoritatively which drug will impact one’s drunkenness potential in which direction. Thus, it’s generally wisest to avoid using alcohol when taking any other form of medication/drug, unless you’ve discussed the implications thoroughly with your primary health care provider and are willing to bear the consequences of playing “guinea pig” with your own body.


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