10 Things I learned After A Year of Living Openly With Schizophrenia

I posted this essay on my Facebook page on March 15th, 2015.   The post that I linked to is how my in-laws and friends found out that I have been secretly living with a mental illness for over twenty years. The past year since I came out, has been a unique one in my life because I have talked and written about mental illness almost continuously. Here are a few surprising things I learned from going public with the fact that I...


8 Possible Signs of a Relapse

Frequently, mental health doesn’t change overnight. It can be a gradual process. Here are eight things to look for that might be a sign of decreasing stability or the onset of an episode.

Change in sleep. A change in the need for sleep (sleeping less)...


Schizophrenia: The Harm Politicians And Doctors Do With Their Words

I expect, and I am tolerant of some ignorance regarding schizophrenia. But for a doctor, and presidential hopeful, to say that Muslims, who love America, are “schizophrenic” is an ignorant and stigmatizing comment. It also shows a lack of compassion and understanding.

You can read the article about what Ben Carson said here.

Lately, I have heard several politicians use the word schizophrenic in a way that...


Our Unseen Advocates And Educators

This past weekend, I was in the emergency room with my nephew after he wrecked on his motorcycle at a Supercross event in the city where I live. The nurses, doctors, and interns were all humorous, kind, compassionate and concerned about my nephew’s safety because of his passion for racing dirt bikes.

While we were waiting for ultrasounds, chest x-rays, and a CAT scan many nurses came in to check on him and talk to...


Treating The Mentally Ill In Prisons

Yesterday morning I was reading the financial news on CNN, and I came across an article on mental illness.

Although it is a tragic story, I thought, “Wow, if mental illness is news in the financial section, then we have come a long way regarding stigma, and education.”  I felt upbeat and hopeful about our progress.

By the afternoon, this article hit my newsfeed on Facebook, In Maine there is a bill...


Ten Things I Hope For As Someone Who Has Schizophrenia

Not to experience psychosis. Psychosis can be terrifying, and debilitating. Having an episode of psychosis negatively impacts every area of my life.
To have a minimum amount of symptoms on a daily basis. No day is symptom-free for me, but some days I experience fewer symptoms than others.
No need for a medication change. Medication changes can be scary and can bring on unfamiliar side effects. I hope that my medication keeps working without...


5 Ways Schizophrenia Made Me A Better Person

Don’t get me wrong, I wish there was a cure for schizophrenia, and that people could say goodbye to this often debilitating and life-threatening illness. I try hard not to romanticize mental illness in any way, but the consequences of having a severe mental illness have not been all negative. Here are five ways that living with schizophrenia has made me a better person.

Having schizophrenia increased my compassion and empathy. I care about everyone who suffers...


Schizophrenia Is An Illness Not A Spiritual Crisis

This week there was an article about a breakthrough in the knowledge about schizophrenia. The news is in many top magazines and websites, and I saw it over and over again on my newsfeed on Facebook and other social media accounts. If you follow any mental health journals or organizations, you probably saw it. Of course, the news is good. The breakthrough was genetic in origin. The findings are especially good news for the next generation...


5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Appointments With A Psychiatrist

I see my psychiatrist every few months, and when I see him, it seems as if our appointments are short. I often leave his office frustrated because I forgot to ask or tell him about something that has been on my mind since our last appointment. To make the most of my time with him, I came up with these five tips.

Keep and share a daily journal. If I keep a daily journal of my symptoms,...