Thank a Pharmacist

Today is National Pharmacist Day.  This post is a shout out to all the pharmacists across the country for being available (in many pharmacies) 24 hours a day for consultation.

I consider the pharmacists at my drug store as an important and knowledgeable part of...


Going Public with Your Diagnosis: Some Pros and Cons

I wish I would have written down the exact date I decided to go public with my diagnosis, but I didn’t. I can only say that it was less than two years ago, and for me, it has been mostly positive. After two years I think I am in a position to address the pros and cons of coming out of the closet with a mental health diagnosis.


In many cases, people...


In Sickness and Health: Loving Each Other Through Schizophrenia

I love my wedding ring. My husband and I bought our rings when we were living on his paycheck and didn’t have much in the way of disposable income. My wedding ring is a wide gold band with four small rows of little diamonds. I don’t have a big rock on my finger to draw attention to my hand or mine or my husband’s job or status. My wedding ring didn’t cost...


Hearing Voices is not the Same as “Imaginary Friends”

Yesterday, an advocate for the homeless was posting on Facebook about a man she was concerned about who has schizophrenia and is off of his medication. She said, “Tom is talking to his imaginary friends again.”

I would hope that an advocate for the homeless would know better than to call auditory hallucinations, “imaginary friends,” but in this case, I was disappointed.

Just to be clear, voices are not “imaginary...


Accepting My Diagnosis Didn’t Come Easily

At twenty-eight, I was living in Bremerton Washington, a ferry ride from Seattle. One afternoon as I was walking across a bridge that led from downtown to my neighborhood, I saw two men in black suits walking on the calm surface of the Puget Sound. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was my first experience with a hallucination.

Over the next two weeks, my thoughts deteriorated, and I believed I had received...


I have schizophrenia and Desire Understanding not Pity

I have noticed that social media has changed over the past year or two. When I logged on to Facebook, it used to be filled with people’s pictures of a colorful plate of food, a ski trip, tropical drinks at a beach bar, a new car, or an announcement of one success or another. There were the pictures of parties and good times. It was so upbeat that the...


7 Ways We Are Imperfect Advocates

My friend, mentor, fellow writer, and feminist, Anna March, wrote this essay for Salon about her passion for the music of Bob Dylan. In the essay, March questions her almost lifelong love of the artist (she started listening to him when she was six-years-old), because sexism runs through his body of work. March comes to the conclusion that because she is influenced by, and passionate about the work of some male artists whose work...