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Guest Post: Meghan Markle Is the British Royal Family Scapegoat

Stephanie Guerilus

Meghan Markle is going to bring down the British Royal Family if royal reporters, experts and the gaslighters are to be believed. Let it be. As the Beatles sang, “Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.”

by Stephanie Guerilus – Guest Author

Stephanie Guerilus is a multimedia journalist and social media expert. She is a native of Brooklyn, New York, the daughter of Haitian immigrants. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Temple University and is the secretary of the New York Association of Black Journalists.

This article was originally posted , on July 9, 2019. Reprinted with the author’s permission.


Since the successful Oceania tour that Prince Harry and Markle, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, took last fall, the knives sharpened against the couple. All his life, Prince Harry was assigned the role of spare and told to make peace with being in the shadow of his brother, Prince William.

In case you haven’t heard about a million times now, William will be king. He’ll be restricted in his duties but he’ll be king as so Harry and Meghan must know their place. Harry has always had the free spirit of his late mother, Princess Diana, and often goes rogue.

When he took Meghan’s hand in marriage in May 2018, he found a partner to share his ideals, but she is now too being subjected to being the Firm’s black sheep. Since she has melanin, the attacks against her character have been relentless with cruelty being the point. The 36-year-old American born royal should be one of the mascots of the archaic institution but instead serves as their scapegoat.

Taking photos for the gram but staying quiet while Meghan endures daily abuse is a choice. And no, complaining about the length of Kate Middleton’s hair extensions is not on the same tier as the orchestrated dehumanizing attacks on the Duchess of Sussex. Everyone in that family has been beaten up in the press but there is a visceral hatred in the treatment of Meghan.

I’ve always believed that Meghan’s cardinal sin, other than virtue of having Black blood, is that she excelled. She is excellent and could not be afforded the privilege of standing high on any pedestal. The past few years have seen the press wind up the public with one faux outrage after another.

As a writer and member of the press, we are all conscious of the language used to build a narrative and a harmful one of racist, sexist and xenophobic undertones has been planted by those who leverage influence in the British sphere. Meghan has been otherized; the go-to person to kick around when other scandals enter the conservation.

Prince William trended globally for two days over an alleged affair but the RR’s (royal reporters) went all Mariah Carey: I don’t know her. Meghan’s in-laws may envy her popularity, but she also helps eclipse their shortcomings. Mediocrity never looked so good in juxtaposition to a WOC (woman of color) being thrown under the bus but enough is enough.

The blood you smell in the water today belongs to Prince Andrew as his association with billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein is back in the news following Epstein’s arrest on sex trafficking charges. Epstein is accused of various vulgar acts against minors, some girls as young as 14. President Donald Trump, former POTUS Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz are other names linked to Epstein’s nefarious activities. All the men involved have denied guilt and none charged as of this writing. But they’re being talked about but if you were to go by the chest beating of the RR, it’s Meghan that is still at fault.

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Guest Post: Meghan Markle Is the British Royal Family Scapegoat

Rebecca C. Mandeville, MFT

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