Scapegoat Recovery
with Rebecca Mandeville, MA, MFT

Coronavirus and Denial

Dealing With Pandemic Denial: When You’re Scapegoated for Sheltering-In-Place

Over the past two weeks, many people around the world have been ordered to "shelter-in-place" to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Those that adhere to these orders are sometimes pressured to violate them by family, friends, and even their employer; when they resist, they may find that they have suddenly become the 'scapegoat' because they challenged someone's

Denial as Part of a Social Epidemic Response Pattern

Lately I've encountered many people who appear to be in denial about the...

Anti-Anxiety Medication

Anxiety as a Health-Seeking Signal – Part Two

What Those Anxious Feelings May Be Trying To Tell You – And Why It’s Important To Listen (Part Two of a Two-Part Series)

In last month’s post on anxiety (Part One), I presented a case study to illustrate how anxious feelings and symptoms may at times be acting as a ‘wise guide’ inviting us to heal ourselves at a core, root level. In today's post I explore how loss of connection with self and others may fuel anxious feelings and addictive processes....

Adult Survivor

A Psychotherapist’s ‘Lived Experience’ as the Family Scapegoat

Last week I published an article describing 16 experiences common to family scapegoats (which has already  been shared almost 1500 times on social media thus far).  Many readers of this blog post wrote me privately to ask how I was able to "so perfectly describe" the story of their life.

Much of what I write about in my 'Scapegoat Recovery' blog is based on research I have been conducting on what I now term Family Scapegoat Abuse (FSA), as well as...