Scapegoat Recovery
with Rebecca Mandeville, MA, MFT

Adult Survivor

3 Things That Make Scapegoating Abuse Recovery Challenging

Individuals intent on releasing the false family narrative that is the 'scapegoat story' face unique challenges in regard to their recovery.  For example, if their family is unable to see them as a 'whole' person and continues to place them in the 'family scapegoat' role, some difficult decisions will need to be made in order to establish and protect their own mental and emotional well-being.

Coronavirus and Denial

Dealing With Pandemic Denial: When You’re Scapegoated for Sheltering-In-Place

Over the past two weeks, many people around the world have been ordered to "shelter-in-place" to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Those that adhere to these orders are sometimes pressured to violate them by family, friends, and even their employer; when they resist, they may find that they have suddenly become the 'scapegoat' because they challenged someone's

Denial as Part of a Social Epidemic Response Pattern

Lately I've encountered many people who appear to be in denial about the...