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Dr. Lisa CooneyDr. Lisa Cooney is a world leading authority on thriving after childhood sexual abuse. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, and Master Theta Healer, she has supported thousands of peopleover the past 20 years in living beyond their childhood sexual abuse to create infinite possibilities for themselves and a life they truly enjoy living.

Dr. Lisa shares; “the effects of abuse can show up in every area of your life: your health, relationships, finances, career. It is pervasive. When abuse owns you, it constricts and limits what you can create in your life. You feel locked in an invisible cage that you can’t find the key for.”

Dr. Lisa speaks from experience.

“I grew up in a very violent household. I was abused sexually, physically, and emotionally, from the time I was a baby and even into my 20’s.

“I felt guiltyhelpless, and was in terror most of the time. At a young age, I vividly remember praying and committing to do anything it took to escape the prison I was in, and create a new life for myself.

“Yet I spent my 20’s numbing out. I drank, did drugs, partied. I was overweight. I didn’t care about myself. One night I almost died because of my reckless behavior.

“That all changed my senior year of college. My Family Violence Professor reached out to me and helped me realize that what I had been living with was changeable. She filled me with hope and inspiration that I could get beyond this and create a new life for myself.

“And that is what I’ve done. I’ve created a life for myself that is beyond anything I ever imagined. The abuse is no longer in charge; I am.

“I live in a beautiful home in Marin County, California. I have intimate, nurturing and supportive relationships with friends and loved ones. I am healthy, vibrant, and strong.

I have a thriving international business. I have thousands of clients who rave about the results they get from working with me. I’ve been invited by Voice America to deliver a radio show about healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse.

I’m living my dream life. I travel for work and pleasure internationally. I deliver workshops in Europe, Australia and beyond. It was always a dream of mine to teach in Hawaii and I just led a retreat on Maui, where we swam with dolphins and spotted whales.

“I’m happier and settled in myself and in my life. I feel joyful, light, and free.

“I know freedom like this is possible now. That is why I’ve committed my life to this work: to help others get free from the prison of abuse and create a generative and expansive life for themselves.”

As an internationally sought out facilitator, speaker, and group leader, and author of the upcoming books: “Kick Abuse in the Caboose” and “When Did You Become A Slave To Abuse? Getting Free in a New Way,” Dr. Lisa is known for using pragmatic tools to create quantum change.” 

With a Doctorate in Psychology, she is also certified in:

  • Reiki
  • Theta Healing
  • Thermometry
  • Breath Therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Dream Therapy
  • Socially Engaged Spirituality
  • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy
  • Access Consciousness Facilitation
  • Depth Hypnosis based in Shamanism

Dr. Lisa’s clients come to her seeking core healing. They end up feeling safeheard, and powerfully guided in a deep personal transformation. Her clients not only heal from their childhood sexual abuse, they move beyond that to create meaningful, joyful, and successful lives.

To read more about what Dr. Lisa’s clients have experienced through working with her, please click here.

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