woman on bridge in nature photoHave you seen the movie Groundhog Day?

In this movie, the main character (played by Bill Murray) gets caught in a time loop and repeats the same day over and over again. At first he indulges in many hedonistic acts. Then he attempts to commit suicide numerous times: that’s how fed up he is by the repetition.

Once he realizes that isn’t going to catapult him out of the time-loop, he begins to reflect on his life, how he had been living it up till the point of the time loop, and re-assesses his priorities. Only then does he get freed up from the time loop.

Often times, when we’ve been abused, we get caught in our own time-loop. We move through life as if we are on autopilot, living each day in the same way, over and over again. We don’t realize there is another choice but to repeat the patterns and problems that the abuse cycle has normalized us to. For the past however many years you have been living the story of abuse. The only way to begin living another possibility is to see that you’ve been living a story of abuse, on autopilot.

However, you can’t move beyond abuse if you are living on autopilot. You have to make a different choice. At first you don’t know that there is another choice, which is what keeps you trapped in the cage without realizing you are actually in there.

Next, you see there is another choice of living Radically Alive but you don’t know how to live that. You begin to see the cage for what it is and know you want to leave it, yet don’t know how.

After that, you see there is another choice and you see how to act on it. This is what the bridge that takes you beyond the cage will give you: the steps to take so you know how to cross it and actually live Radically Alive.

Walking Across the Bridge

The following are the five steps that will take you out of the cage and across the bridge to living radically alive.

1st Step: Choose to Unlock Yourself From the Cage

2nd Step: Make Friends with the Cage of Abuse

3rd Step: Get Support and Free Your Story

4th Step: Update Your Hard Drive 

5th Step: Live Radically Alive

Your life doesn’t have to feel like Groundhog Day: a constant repetition of the same old patterns that keep you living half-dead. There is so much more available to you. Use these 5 steps to move beyond the cage of abuse, across the bridge and into living Radically Alive.


This article is an excerpt from Dr. Lisa’s soon to be released book, ‘Kick Abuse in the Caboose.’


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