Psychopathology of Extreme Masculinity, Mass Shootings, Assault and Rape

Mass shootings may be impossible to predict, however, a cultural milieau that idealizes violence for men (and authority figures in general) as "necessary" for the maintenance of "social order" that keeps those deemed "low" status groups in their place, is one that breeds domestic violence, rape and assault of women, child sexual abuse, bullying -- and mass shootings.

Extreme masculinity depicts maleness as a construct that, essentially, stands against everything that...

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Redefining Narcissism as a Love Deficit

Narcissism is a love deficit; and a narcissist a lost soul.

It isn't that he's not fully equipped for human love. He is. Like everyone else, he is human. It's just that he hates the idea of being human. He has trained himself, from the time he was a child, increasingly, to feel disgust at signs of human "love stuff," to prove he's above such weakness.

He's fought hard, in...

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Narcissistic Abuse and the Symptoms of Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome

Narcissistic abuse is what a person in a relationship with someone that meets the criteria for narcissistic (NPD) or antisocial (APD) personality disorder experiences. The potentially crippling, life long effects of narcissistic abuse on a partner's mental health form a cluster of symptoms, not yet included in the DSM, known as narcissist victim syndrome.
Narcissistic abuse
Narcissists and sociopaths use language in specific ways, with a specific intent to take another's mind and will captive. The...

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10 Habits to Make Happiness a Lifestyle

Life is so fascinating. There’s always something to learn and do, and there's unfinished business, a situation to resolve, a habit to break, a relationship to start or improve, something to see in new and different ways. It’s part of feeling alive.

Or is it? Does thinking about challenges or a relationship issues turn your mind to thoughts of lack? To feeling stuck, unhappy, stacking one negative on top of another? If so, your thoughts may be scaring you into...


12 Intentions to Make Life More Meaningful One Day at a Time

True, life may not always turn out the way you want; it can, however, be more amazing than you'd ever imagined. This, too, is true.

The real question is: which one these truths do you lean toward, and which one occupies more space in your thoughts on a regular basis?

The former truth drains and limits the power and energy you feel is available to...

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The Goals of a Narcissist Partner (Protect Your Mind and Heart)

Really think. Is it coincidence that online information on narcissism is getting a bit misleading, wittingly or unwittingly, in the direction of feeding into a narcissist's goals to blame-shift the label onto those they victimize, and then trick well meaning others to side with them?

One also wonders, how much of the practice of "no contact," on the increase as well, plays into the isolation goals of narcissists to separate those they prey on away from vital support systems, parents in particular, but also siblings, friends,...

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7 Paths to Mind-Body Emotional M.A.S.T.E.R.Y.

Emotion mastery is a built-in capacity, often ignored yet always available.

It is a learned ability to thoughtfully respond in ways that disallow your body's survival-system from controlling you and your life with ineffective automatic reactions, defensive strategies, and the like.

Emotion mastery involves growing an awareness and connection to your thoughts, emotions and body sensations, and step by step, cultivating a practice, or lifestyle of making conscious, informed decisions that keep you on course to reaching your goals, and in the process to build the resiliency and confidence...

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7 Reasons Forgiveness Is Your Nature

Forgiveness, most agree, is the right thing to do. It's also an inner ability to access certain resources and cultivate the strength and courage needed to choose to take the higher road.  And the higher road, well, that's where you find wisdom, health, happiness, peace of mind, among other priceless gifts.

Arguably, forgiveness is a practice that is key to reaching your human potential, essentially, who you are.

There are at least 7 reasons why forgiveness can be described as integral to human nature:

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A Holiday Gift to Self, 3 Goals to Emotion Regulation Mastery (Feel Optimally!)

Emotion mastery is a learned ability to navigate challenging emotions and moments, and to feel optimally, at least enough to make choices you'll be happy with later.

It's a vital skill, also known as emotional intelligence.

Emotions are powerful energies, and upsetting emotions in particular, can either be our greatest teachers, when we understand them as action signals to help us grow — or our worst enemies, when we fight or seek to avoid or numb them.

"Love cures people, both...

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