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Your Brain and The Power of “Rehearsing” Your Future

Have you heard the phrase “fake it till you make it”?

Actually, it’s a science. It’s based on some of the latest findings on the brain. It involves using the brain’s power of imagination to “rehearse” optimal performance outcomes, your goals, dreams and future.

It works. Sports psychologists use this approach, for example, to train top athletes and champions to achieve optimal performance.

What does this have to do with your personal life and relationship? You can use this same power to achieve your goals, start a new healthy habit, or let go of an unwanted one.

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Your Brain and The Power of “Rehearsing” Your Future

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  1. Great post Athena! and so very true! Whatever we focus on becomes true to our brains (either negative or positive self-talk). When we focus our thoughts on successfully achieving our dreams, it helps with motivation, mood, and we’re more likely to see (and take advantage of) opportunities.

  2. Great advice! The mind is a very powerful tool and we can use it to condition ourselves toward better and more productive behaviors.

  3. Athena,

    This post is right up my alley.I’ll be using the term (and doing) mind movies now. I believe that these kind of activities are effective and, for me, it adds more value when I understand how they affect the brain and rest of the body. Thanks, Cherry

    • Thanks for the feedback, Cherry! Interestingly, there are studies showing that just knowing how our brain works has a healing effect in itself. I just love how responsive our brains are, don’t you?

  4. This puts science behind The Law of Attraction, the same concept in the book The Secret, which is so delightful to me! I always believed in the power of The Law of Attraction. My belief is confirmed in this article!

    • Meredith, what fascinates me, along the same lines, is that science is proving what sages and poets have proclaimed for ages…

  5. A beautifully written and enlightening post. You’ve done a terrific job covering the basis for our self-limiting thoughts and providing a simple and elegant process for starting to change them. I was fascinated by your explanations and motivated by your process. There are always dreams lying dormant that we need to awaken! Thanks, ~Dawn

    • Thanks for the energizing feedback, Dawn! I appreciate the support!

  6. I thought this idea had been exploded… surely you have to work out the steps to get you where you want?

    • This “idea” is a science. Top champions use it. Studies show, when an athlete rehearses, the same parts of brain and muscles activate. Pretty amazing stuff… : ) More steps and details in upcoming posts…

  7. Hi Athena! So what were your parents imagining or rehearsing when they named you?! Great post and a good reminder to me of some habits/practices I used to have that I believe I’ll be reinstating! Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment and support, Miriam! P.S. Named after a relative…no imaging there!

  8. Hi Athena-

    Six-thousand thoughts per day…oh my! It’s a wonder I get a clear stream of thought going at all;).

    I sometimes suggest that clients ‘fake’ a good mood, to replace a perpetual sour attitude, or to avoid a confrontation with a person who acts in a provocative manner. Often, when we don’t give a voice to the negativity, it cannot escalate.

    Now I’m wondering how many thoughts I just had while writing this…hehe!

    Thanks for the enlightening post,

    • Just love your humor, Linda! Right on with not giving voice to negativity, especially with certain clients. Thanks again1

  9. Wonderful article Athena! It is a good feeling to know that I have a choice. Did you see Katie’s post in “Living Anxiety Free”? I think your two pieces go well together. What do you think about using affirmations?
    Truly Irene

    • Thanks for the feedback, Irene. I think affirmations are essential. They are one of the steps to replacing old conditioning with “new” enriching beliefs. When applied correctly, affirmations help the subconscious integrate these new beliefs and make them “ours” for good.

  10. Wow Athena, wonderful post. And I love the tidbit about how just knowing how our brain works has a healing effect. Truly astonishing!!!

  11. I use positive thinking in my pupil training to pass their driving tests.
    I ask them to sit quietly at home (in the bath is optional) and imagine themselves driving a route from the test centre & back again, completing a ‘turn-in-the-road’ and their independent drive. I also ask them to imagine the examiner passing them.
    I have had a number of pupils who have used this technique telling me that it has helped.
    I know it has helped as I use it too!

    • Great examples, Alastair! Thanks for sharing these and for commenting.

  12. Excellent EXCELLENT article. And if you want to make your rehearsal even more powerful, write down your intended goal and the steps you envision will take you there.

    • Thank you so much for the feedback Mark! So appreciate your stopping by and, yes, the great advice to write down goals. Thanks again!


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