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Seven Toxic Thinking Patterns to Break – How Pseudo “Feel-Goods” Trick Your Brain (2 of 2)

There are at least seven toxic thinking patterns that can put a hold on our brain, and imprison it with pseudo feel-goods, and other lies.

As noted in Part 1, functionally, these topsy-turvy beliefs are protective strategies, designed to activate our defenses when something triggers us. Because this lowers anxiety in varying degrees, it also stimulates the reward centers of the brain — and explains why, at least subconsciously, we associate them with pseudo feel-good feelings.

Our conscious mind likely disagrees, of course. How can thoughts make us “feel good” when they make us feel so bad? Doesn’t make sense, right? It makes sense to our brain and body, however. And, that’s the purpose of this discussion.

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Seven Toxic Thinking Patterns to Break – How Pseudo “Feel-Goods” Trick Your Brain (2 of 2)

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  1. This is so useful for me to use for myself and share with my friends and clients. Joy and Liquid Love with exceptional Well Being to you. April

    • So appreciate the exceptionally positive wishes and support, April! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Thank you for this list and review. I am glad I went hunting in my newsletter and found it. I am one of three sisters, a new arrival in town where the other two ive. We really need to understand these toxic “automatic defaults” ( my term) as our communication gets all mired up in these pitfalls.
    It is hard when only one or two out of three is into self awareness and or directed healthy thinking. I sure look forward to finding a therapist on a sliding scale who I could see about this subject.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, tinapitta. It’s not easy to regulate these reactive patterns, especially with key persons in our lives. It does help to talk to a professional. Keep me posted, and best wishes for best results with your sisters .. and a lot of strength and wisdom to replace the “automatic defaults”!

  3. My fear based belief in my recent 2 year old relationship is that my partner’s bad habits – messiness, clutter, health problems will overwhelm me and I better protect myself by not getting emotionally close to him so I will not get attach to him and by not attaching to him can be in control. I can’t live in disorganized and messy environment and I’m fearful that eventually if I do get emotionally attached I will put myself in a situation I will not be able to live with. Also I am concern that my partner is using an easy way through medication to take care of his health issues instead changing his stressful work condition which he believes he can’t do anything about it for the next three years. I fear that by not doing something about a stressful situation his health problem may get worse. I can see how this fear based belief can poison my otherwise great relationship.

    Could you share how would more healthful, life energizing thinking patterns look like?

  4. So spot on and insightfull!


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